Invicta is the latin word for undefeated or unconquered. The term has been a motto that people have upheld for centuries in their daily lives.

We want this inspirational motto to resonate with you, in the modern world, through what you carry. Our products are undefeated in quality and opulence and aspire the Invicta mindset into you. We want to empower people to live their lives with the ethos of Invicta.

Why We Created The Virtus Wallet

Think of the products that you use on a daily basis. Your smartphone, your laptop, your watch, your earphones and even your car key fob.

Over time, these everyday items have gotten smarter, slimmer and sexier. Isn't it time that your wallet goes through the same evolution? To facilitate this evolution, we've crafted The Virtus; a luxury and smart wallet that is ready for the modern world.

With RFID Blocking Technology built in, you can rest assured that your cards are carried not only in style, but also in safety. The Virtus will become your favourite everyday carry.